Residents & Fellows

We know you’re a new physician—and we know that the accounting and tax implications involved in being a doctor can be confusing. One of our strengths is our ability talk about these complicated matters in an understandable way. We specialize in working with physicians, so we know how to structure your financial situation in the most tax efficient way.

Soon, you will be earning a large income and paying back your student debt. We develop individual strategies to lower your income taxes and give you more disposable income, thereby helping you pay your debts off quicker, while also helping you to build a nest egg. We recognize the financial situation you’re in as a medical student or resident, so we provide you with a discount on your personal tax return.

Helping you achieve your financial goals

Flaim Wolsey Hall provides you with a roadmap to ensure you take the best route to your financial destination. Connect with David Hall to get started.